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Wazamba Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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SpinUp Casino


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 20x

Min Dep: €20

300% Up To €1000 + 100 Free Spins

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Casino Superlines


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

400% Bonus up to €1000

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Malina Casino


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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Yoyo Casino


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 + 100 Free Spins

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Is Entropay Good For Online Casinos?

Entropay was an ideal platform for any casino. However, the system closed its gates on July 1, 2019. The platform had several excellent tools for online gambling, offering a safe, fast, and clean transfer system that you could trust.

Many online casinos accepted Entropay as a payment method, though there existed other better alternatives. That being said, Entropay saw its largest customer base in Latin America.

What is Entropay?

Entropay was an online payment platform that worked until July 1, 2019. The focus, for the payment platform, was to protect the information and security of users. It’s why the system validated each transaction that was made and asked for a confirmation. The only issue was that the process interfered with the system’s speed. 

Eventually, the platform lost out to competitors like Neteller that offered the same security. Neteller, in fact, offered new features and better security, without a long protocol. EntroPay lost more and more demand until it closed.

EntroPay - primarily available in the Latin American market - had many Venezuelans signing up, with the country offering the most significant user volume. The nation, with its intense crisis, used this tool to bypass the deflation of its national currency. Venezuelans used Entropay to access digital dollars, and new businesses emerged.

What does a Customer need to use Entropay at Online Casino?

What you need is an Entropay account and internet access. The Entropay account initially required a registration. Then, they included a bank verification by credit or debit card. The additional requirement was an initial transaction of 3 dollars. The problem was that many in Latin America do not have offshore accounts.

The system allowed switching from the national currency to dollars. With the Venezuelan parallel dollar exchange, it worked as a virtual exchange house.

Casinos benefited a lot from Entropay. Casinos expanded their activities in Latin America using this platform. Latin Americans could buy dollars in Entropay and bet at the casino. The profits of both increased, making it a stable and profitable business for those interested.

Casinos are currently upgrading their platforms, eliminating Entropay as a method of payment. Unfortunately, you can no longer use it. 

Security for this payment method?

Security was at the heart of Entropay's design. The system enforced transaction verification, and it notified you afterwards. It is somewhat extreme for some, but it’s useful for avoiding identity theft. Another quality in its security is that it used a 128-bit encryption system to protect all of its data.

The verification system did not approve the transaction until the sender confirmed it. The system never had any problems sending electronic money. The only issue, as far as trading with casinos was concerned, was that many investors forgot to confirm the remittance and it caused delays.

In conclusion—on electronic security—Entropay had a good score. 

What is the difference between Entropay and other payment methods? Unique Features?

The characteristic that differentiated Entropay from other platforms was the possibility of changing a Latin American currency into dollars. The platform received transfers from local banks and gave the equivalent in dollars. The different platforms only work with hard currencies such as dollars and euros.

It is a similar system to the one currently applied by AirTM for currency conversion.

The only difference between AirTm and Entropay is their approach. AirTm is an electronic currency exchange; it connects different platforms and allows getting dollars with any of them. Entropay, only allowed to do so it in its system.

Access to the mobile device

Access on mobile devices was indispensable for Entropay. It was available on both the website and a mobile application. Another option on the web was directly at the casinos. The casinos had the payment plugin registered on their platform.

As a mobile app, it was available in the Play Store and App Store. You could use it for free, and it allowed you to access your account and make any transaction. You could transfer and confirm the purchases you made and verify those you received.

Entropay placed a big importance on mobile functionality, and you could Access all the browser features right from your smartphone. 


The Entropay platform was an application with a significant impact in its time, helping many people in Latin America, especially Venezuela. Venezuelans took advantage, for instance, to overcome the monetary crisis they’re currently facing.

Even around the globe, it was one of the pioneers of online transactions and Currency Exchange, offering an alternative to Paypal that people liked. You could accept payments in different currencies - one of the best advantages any business could have. 


Entropay was ideal for casinos and for doing business in Latin America. Its usefulness was so strong that it made these platforms ignore its flaws; that was until newer and more efficient platforms appeared.

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