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Blacklist of Canadian Online Casinos to Avoid in 2020

There are many online casinos, which may deceive you and steal your money. That’s why I’ve prepared the list of the unreliable and non-recommended casinos for players from Canada. There are different reasons why I’ve added this or that gambling platform to my blacklist. Nevertheless, avoiding these online casinos, you’ll never face scams, malpractices, and poor quality of services.

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“Know your enemies’ names to stay safe.”

There are many payout complaints. This means that the casino has shady tactics and it is not safe for you to gamble.
Various bonus and deposit complaints. That means it is not safe to play in this place.
There are lots of complaints about unpaid winnings and blocked accounts
Even if you earn something there, you are not likely to get your winnings. This casino is dishonest according to most reviews and my own experience. I definitely don’t recommend playing there.
This casino got to the blacklisted because of using unethical business practices linked with affiliate companies, including buying not objective reviews on sites
Their bonus program is made just to make users deposit more and more money. Affiliate companies of Unibet are tricky as well. Most of the complaints are about troubles with payout. The casino often declines withdrawal requests, and their support does not provide any help in such situations.
There is a lot of player’s complaints about blocked accounts and delayed or declined winnings
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
Delayed payouts are a natural thing for this casino. They also can decline your withdrawal request without telling you the reason. Is that how such a service should behave? I don’t think so. Therefore, Cashpot ends up on my blacklist.
Their support lacks a lot of knowledge about how the casino works. People who are working there are not able to solve simple problems. Apart from that, withdrawals in Euromoon are always delayed. Some users said that their payout requests were canceled with no reason.
Those who participate in their affiliate program do not get the money they were promised. Another reason why this casino got into my blacklist is blocking users’ accounts without any explanation. Disco just wants to get your money.

What is My Online Casino Blacklist?

My aim is to prevent you from playing at unfair online gambling platforms. That’s why I’ve prepared this blacklist, which includes the casinos that may be considered to be totally unreliable. I checked out each of them and discovered a wide range of serious violations. If you don’t want to get the worst gambling experience, you should definitely avoid playing at the listed online casinos.

Bear in mind that a reputable and reliable service will never be added to a blacklist. Due to it, you should clearly understand that the listed platforms are extremely dangerous for both professionals and new gamblers. My blacklist includes only unreliable Canadian casinos, which may deject your gambling experience.

Please, take into consideration that my aim is to warn you about the scams and make sure that you will enjoy the best slots and table games. It’ll be a good idea to read my reviews and rating before you make your final decision and start gambling. Such an attitude will help you get rid of any doubts about the trustworthiness of the selected service.

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Reasons Why Casino Is Added to My Blacklist

Right now, I will explain the reasons why I’ve added this or that online gambling platform to my blacklist.

You’ve Discovered the Non-Licensed or Rigged Software

Any popular and reputable casino should cooperate only with well-known software providers, which should have a license and pay an annual fee. As a rule, the most famous developers for Canadian gambling services are such companies as Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin, etc.

Nonetheless, some casinos try to make money out of the fake and pirated slots that can’t guarantee a fair game. You won’t be able to see their RTP, and there is a chance that you’ll just lose your money without winning something. What is more, sometimes the dishonest services pass fake games off as the licensed ones. In this case, the players will never be able to make a fortune or, at least, get fun during the gambling process.

Luckily, any player can discover whether the game is non-licensed due to one simple trick. Just open the source code of the webpage and have a look at the host domain.

Non-licensed software is a severe problem for any modern gambler. However, in case you follow my recommendations and read the reviews at DaveDealer, you will never have to deal with unfair slots.

The Gambling Platform Refuses to Payout Your Money

Online casinos offer their clients not only the opportunity to have a high time but also a chance to make a fortune. Nonetheless, you may be totally disappointed to discover that your favorite service refuses to pay out your winnings. Furthermore, the casino may even find several reasons to justify such a decision.

First of all, it may ask you to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the gambling platforms. In certain instances, they may be just confusing or even impossible to follow. In case you notice such a detail, you should be ready that the online casino will turn to its terms and conditions to steal your money.

The service also can just ask you to ascertain your identity again and again. As a rule, such a procedure is necessary to ensure that the swindlers won’t get your money. However, an unfair casino will use this process to prevent you from getting the winnings.

You’ll be asked to send the photos of identity cards and passports time after time. Moreover, the online casino may even require a statutory approval of the provided documents. Consider that sometimes, the notarial services may be more expensive than the jackpot you’ve won. Due to it, you may stop playing at the online casino even without the withdrawal of your winnings.

The Online Casino Stands a High Chance to Turn Bankrupt

Take into account that not only unfair gambling platforms refuse to payout the money. Sometimes it may happen so that the service just doesn’t have enough funds to provide the gamblers with their winnings.

Of course, anyone can start an online casino without spending a lot of money. At the same time, such owners don’t consider that their services will need a lot of funds as soon as their clients start playing.

As a rule, the problem will occur when you win a large amount of money. The casino won’t have enough funds to pay out your winnings, and there is a high chance that you’ll face payment issues.

Probably, there is no reason to play at an online casino that can get short of funds at any moment. Although such services may have only the best intentions, I don’t recommend them due to the possibility of staying without your money.

The Gambling Platform Bombards Its Clients with Spammers

It goes without saying that spam messages have already become the most annoying and unpleasant things you can face while enjoying your favorite slot or table game. Furthermore, unreliable gambling services can also sell your personal information. In this case, your email will be just swarmed with spammers.

The security of clients’ privacy is one of the major tasks of any reputable online casino. And in case you don’t want your private data to be used by third parties, I ask you to play only at the services tested by my colleagues and me.

The tons of spammers you receive due to your online casino may be a warning sign of its total unreliability. If a gambling platform takes care of its clients, it’ll be advertising only useful information and services. That’s why I’ve added the online casinos that promote deceitful ads to my blacklist.

The Service Supports or Collaborates with Swindlers and Criminals

No doubt, there is only one thing which can be worse than the problems described above. The collaboration between online casinos and criminals may result in big troubles. For example, they will get your personal and financial information. It may be used not only to steal your savings but also to run various scams.

In addition, some online casinos ask hackers to hack their clients’ accounts as well as to prevent them from winning the significant sums of money. That’s also the reason why you may find some of such gambling platforms on my blacklist.

Today we can see that a lot of gamblers suffer from unfair casinos. Their accounts are constantly being hacked, and they are unable to receive their winnings. I hope that my blacklist will help you to keep away from such twisty online gambling services. Remember that playing at a casino may provide you with tons of positive emotions and excitement only in case the platform you’ve chosen isn’t going to deceive you.