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Fortune Clock Casino


  • 4 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile ...
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 40x

Min Dep: €20

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Unique Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €10

100% Bonus Up To €200 On Your First Deposit

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Wazamba Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao
  • Cashback: Yes

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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SpinUp Casino


  • 2 Types : Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curaçao

WR: 20x

Min Dep: €20

300% Up To €1000 + 100 Free Spins

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Light Casino


  • 3 Types : Instant, Live, Mobile
  • Licenсe: MGA

WR: 30x

Min Dep: €20

100% Welcome Bonus up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

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The Baccarat Guide for Canadians

If you have ever been to a Canadian casino – whether in the real world or online – you would know about Baccarat, one of the more popular casino games out there.

Baccarat is a traditional casino game played for several centuries. This game is very easy to play and learn. It is as simpler as betting on a coin flip. The dealer plays most of the game. You just have to place bets to win the game. There are three types of bets in this game, namely player bet, the banker bet and tie. This game is more popular among the customers in the casinos. Banker bet does not signify the house in this game.

How to Play?

If you wish to play Baccarat in the casino, then you must learn a few simpler basics to get the grip. As we mentioned earlier, there are three types of bets in this game. Choose to place your bet on the banker bet, player bet or a tie between them. 

You can do it until the dealer draws the card from the deck. The dealer then places two cards on both players and bank bet on the felt table. You cannot change your bets after the dealer draws the cards.

The side which gets a total that is closest to nine wins. If you bet on the player hand, and it totals to 9, then you get your winnings doubled. If your bet on the banker side wins, then you get 95 percent of your wager. The player side can also draw a third card if the total of two cards falls somewhere between 0-5. 

The jack, king, and queen cards have no value, while ace is one. The other cards carry their face value. If the total of two cards becomes a double-digit number like 15, then you must ignore the first digit. So, the value of that side will be five for that round.

What are the types?

There are many variations in placing the bet while playing Baccarat. We are going to list the most popular varieties of baccarat in casinos.

  • Punto Banco: Punto Banco, the American version of Baccarat is more common in casinos. The casino appoints dealers who act as bankers all the time. This popular game is available in Casinos situated in Canada, the United States, and Australia.
  • Three Card Baccarat: Popularly played in Asia and Macau, this game follows the traditional method in the ranking of cards. But the player and banker's hand get three face cards at every round.
  • Chemin De Fer: This game is interesting, as every player in the oval table gets a chance to be a banker. While one player is banker, the other players become aggregate punters in the game.
  • Super Pan 9: With a limited deck of 36 cards, the player and banker’s hand can deal with three cards in each round. They can take one additional card to reach a value of 9, to win the game.
  • Baccarat en Banque: This game is very similar to the Chemin De Fer variation of Baccarat. The players can deal with three decks of cards in this game.

What are the exciting bonuses offered?

There are different types of side bets to increase interest in the game. The most popular ones are dragon bones, tiger, tiger pair, Egalities, Either pair, Perfect Pair, Lucky 6, Lucky Nines, Panda 8, Royal matches, and so on. There is no control over the result of the game. One can play the game at online and offline casinos. Since the game has straightforward rules, many can come up with a wash-story. The game does not require any strategies to live or win the game.


What are the Baccarat questions you have? Here are a few of the common ones, as well as our answers to them.

  1. What skill does one need to win the baccarat game?
    Since this game is a chance of luck, you wouldn’t require any special talents or strategies to win the game. You can choose the player or banker's hand to place your bets. Your luck draws the odd of winnings for you during the game.
  2. What are the possible results of the game?
    Either of the hand can win the game, or both player and bank's hand can result in a tie. In case of a tie, if you hadn’t placed a bet on it, the casino takes away all the wagers of the players. 
  3. What is the difference between online and offline baccarat?
    The rules of these two games remain the same. The betting options and the odds of winnings between online and offline baccarat are also similar. But, the online baccarat depends completely on random number generator (RNG) using computer software. Physical baccarat will have a croupier and dealer with baccarat shoe. The croupier with baccarat shoe shuffles the cards and lets the dealer draw cards from it.
  4. What can one avoid to minimize the losses in baccarat?
    It is better to avoid placing a bet on ties. In only rare cases, the banker and the player bet will have the same values in their hand. So to avoid risks, you can completely ignore placing your bets on a tie. If you are playing the online baccarat, then it is quite essential to set deposit limits first. You might bust your account without your knowledge. We would also suggest you choose the reputed and reliable online casinos for playing baccarat.
  5. Do any casinos provide free baccarat games?
    If you are a beginner, then it is quite natural to feel worried about losing your wager due to inexperience. But some online casinos get you covered by offering several demo versions or free baccarat games online. You can play them for free, learn and practice to master the baccarat game.


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